Sifting Gold

“You have to sift the gold!” Jazz coach Brent Vaartstra says to his students. You have to decide for yourself which advice or course is best for you at the moment. What you want to put the most effort into improving now. Many things may still be too difficult, need more time or can only be achieved in small steps.

Since 2007 I have been making more music again, on saxophone, piano and clarinet. Sometimes I have more time, sometimes other things are more important. That’s life. I’m glad I’m doing ear training. I’m not very far along yet, but at least I can recognize intervals. In Darmstadt I played in workshop bands, in Paderborn I currently have time for saxophone lessons.

The question is whether well-placed tones can solve problems. Probably not directly, but you feel more relaxed and optimistic, which is certainly helpful. Art makes our world more beautiful.